Who am I and what am I doing here?

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The travel bug bit me while I was part of the marketing team of  a prestigious tour operator which is, sadly, no longer in existence. I lived the champagne lifestyle, even on the lemonade wages of the travel industry. I arranged and led educationals for travel agents, taking them to the destinations we featured, showing them the sights and the hotels in our brochure, took part in glitzy conferences and awards events and stayed at stunning hotels in breathtaking locations.

For eight years I travelled the world experiencing the best hotels, the most exciting excursions and the varied cultures of many countries throughout North Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean. I’ve seen the sun rise and set from the Nile to the Azores, made lots of friends and learned lots of valuable lessons. I started with a list of places I wanted to see and, although I have ticked off many, my list just keeps on growing.

Now I have left the world of marketing behind and I work for a niche market cruise company, organising entertainment, but I keep on travelling and I share my adventures and give honest and open accounts of the pleasures and the pitfalls so you can benefit from my experience and get the most out of your travels. I hope you will enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoyed writing and researching them and that you will be inspired to visit some of these fabulous destinations.

Happy holidays!


Please note that the advice, reviews and tips given in my web site are my experiences and my opinions. I can’t be held responsible if you disagree or you follow my advice and have a less than happy trip. Always check with your travel agent and airline for the most up to date information as things are changing all the time.