Disclaimer! Before you go getting all huffy

Travel is one of my great loves and I jump on a plane, boat or train at every opportunity. I am also nutty about walking and seem to be pathologically incapable of resisting a foot path or interesting diversion. Quite often I get lost.

Everything I write about is my own experience. Yours may not be the same. For instance, I didn’t get mugged or pick pocketed in Barcelona, that doesn’t mean you won’t, I’m told its very common. Maybe I was just lucky or perhaps I’m more careful with my possessions than some. Having said that I have had my iPhone stolen from my bag at Gatwick airport in the past so I guess these things can happen anywhere.

This blog is written to share some of my experiences and, hopefully, give some useful advice for people wishing to explore the places I’ve been to. I’ve made mistakes, been ripped off, got lost, picked the wrong resort or the wrong hotel, hopefully, by reading this you won’t.

Remember though, these are my experiences and my opinions, the facts as I see them. I’m sorry if you take my advice and end up not agreeing but please don’t write to me and complain. By all means tell me if there’s something you think I should add or change, it might help someone else after all.

These travels happened over a number of years so things may have changed since I last visited a resort. Prices most certainly will have, so please bear this in mind. There is no substitute for advice from a travel agent, they will have the most up to date information on any resort. Research of your own is always helpful too and I have written a section about just that.

Finally, the photographs in this blog are my own (with one or two exceptions such as maps). If you wish to use them for your own purposes please ask first, it’s only polite. Also please link back to this blog. Anything else would be stealing.

Above all, Happy Holidays!