Photography and copyright

The content of my website is my own work. I slave over it with my own fair hands. Everywhere I go I have my trusty iPhone camera at the ready and I’m always taking photos, many of which you see on these pages. Occasionally I also draw the odd cartoon.

Now I’m under no illusion that I am the best writer, photographer or artist in the world but it’s my work. I don’t steal stuff from other people and I wouldn’t be very happy if someone stole stuff from me. Taking bits of my writing or my pictures and using them without my permission is stealing and if I find anyone doing that I will take action against them. No if’s or but’s.

If there is something in these pages you would like to use, ask. Simple as that. As long as I’m happy with what you’re using it for and you link back here there’s no problem but ask first Ok? Just send me an email or a comment. I’m pretty laid back and as long as you’re not using it for something I find morally wrong or totally disagree with, I’m likely to be amenable.

Enough said.