Marrakech – Ourika Valley, lunch at the top of the world, Auberge Ramuntcho

A beautiful entrance

The beautiful entrance to Auberge Ramuntcho, Ourika Valley, Atlas Mountains

Auberge Ramuntcho, Ourika Valley, a well earned lunch and an old friend

By this time we were starving so we stopped for lunch at the Auberge Ramuntcho, a beautiful little restaurant and guest house. We sat on the terrace, relaxed and enjoyed  the wonderful views of the river and the high, red mountain along with our chicken tagine and a bottle of well deserved wine.

Lunch with a wonderful view

Lunch with a wonderful view, Auberge Ramuntcho, Atlas Mountains

Believe it or not, I even bumped into someone I knew. Now what are the chances of that when you’re having lunch at the top of the world? None other than my lovely friend and guide from my first trips to Morocco, Mohammed, was having lunch there with his wife and daughter. It was wonderful to see him and, needless to say there were lots of hugs and bises, kiss, kiss, kiss just like being back in France.

Then back to the car park to find our petit taxi

Then back to the car park to find our petit taxi, Ourika Valley, Atlas Mountains

The wild cats that seem to be everywhere in Morocco wandered around our table and twined around our legs waiting for a piece of dropped food. The food was wonderful, made even tastier by appetites sharpened by our hike into the mountains. A perfect end to a perfect trip.