Marrakech – a fam trip and a gala meal

The garden at Palmeraie Golf Palace ready for our Gala Meal

The garden at Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech, ready for our Gala Meal

Letting our hair down after an exciting trip – A Gala meal at Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

On the final night of our Mega Fam all of the different groups joined together for a gala meal hosted by Palmeraie Golf Palace  for a chance to swap stories of our adventures. We began our evening with a quick tour of the hotel, if you can tour a 312 room hotel quickly. This gigantic palace, ten minutes outside the centre of Marrakech is a great place for those who love golf. It has it’s own 18 hole golf course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior.

We were taken by golf carts to have a peek at one of the 44 amazing deluxe suites of the new Pavilion du Golf. It was dark so we couldn’t see the views over the golf course and gardens but the pathways lit by little lamps were stunning. The traditional Moroccan furnishings with a contemporary feel and beautiful cedar wood ceilings were out of this world. For golfing widows there is a state of the art spa, horse riding, tennis and a mini club for children not to mention seven restaurants serving international and Moroccan cuisine. They also have conference facilities.

Tables set out in the garden

Tables set out in the garden, Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

A champagne reception awaits

A champagne reception awaits, Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

The meal itself was held in the gardens. As we walked up the path, through a blue gazebo past the swimming pool tea lights twinkling in little frosted glass holders and large Moroccan lanterns lit our way. At the end of the path there was a big pavilion where we were met with glasses of champagne and canapés. It was great to have the chance to meet up with old friends and new and find out how they had enjoyed the different itineraries.

The pool and gazebo

The pool and gazebo, Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

A great way to round off a busy trip

A great way to round off a busy trip, Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

Food and drink

Food and drink at the Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

Tables were laid out on the lawn interspersed with more Moroccan lanterns. The food was wonderful and the wine flowed freely. After the meal there were the usual round of speeches followed by Moroccan dancers and musicians. They wandered between the tables, playing and singing.


Music and dancing at the Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

Moroccans know how to have a good time

Moroccans know how to have a good time – Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

We had a truly wonderful evening, a great way to round off a fantastic trip.

A fantastic evening

A fantastic evening, Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

The after party at Palmeraie Golf Palace Nightclub, Marrakech


Sneaking off in the MD's limo

Sneaking off in the MD’s limo, Palmeraie Golf Palace, Marrakech

Although our flight the next day was early, I was persuaded by the Managing Director and Sales and Marketing Director to go on to the after party at the Palmeraie Golf Club night club. We jumped into the MD’s limo and were whisked off, all a little the worse for wear already.

Marketing team in the nightclub

Marketing team in the Palmeraie Golf Palace nightclub, Marrakech

As we walked into the club Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ was playing, a favourite with us  marketing girls and regularly played on our CD player in the office, it was almost as if they were playing it for us. We danced our way to the bar. We had the place to ourselves. The only locals were the bar staff and one lone old man who sat in the corner, half asleep the whole time we were there.

Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away at the Palmeraie Golf Palace Night Club, Marrakech

The drinks prices were very high, as they are everywhere in Morocco, alcohol is only for tourists after all, but the music was good, and we danced until our feet hurt too much to carry on. Eventually, at about two in the morning, we had to give in to tiredness and the thought of getting up at five for the flight. A great end to one of the most memorable trips of my career.