Agadir – A palace and a souk on one walk


We ate at the hotel last night and Commando indulged in a half bottle of wine. I didn’t, I’m not really much of a drinker at the best of times (anyone who knows me will testify to my inability to hold my drink) and in the heat doubly so. It was a buffet style meal and Commando proved how he can really tuck it away by eating enough to feed a small country. How does he do that and stay so slim, it’s so unfair? I had a salad with a little cheese and salami followed by chicken cooked in a tagine with a few vegetables. I did, however, succumb to the huge selection of deserts, all tasty little bite sized morsels so tempting you wanted to try each one (I think Commando did). I had five little things on my plate but, once I’d eaten a little macaroon thing, a chocolate mouse thing and half a kind of lemony thing (all tiny squares no more than a mouthful each) I couldn’t eat the rest. I think I went into sugar overload after that because I felt quite sick.

This morning our pool man has already bagged us our loungers and we’ve just had breakfast. I could get used to melon every morning, maybe I’ll have to do that at home. I followed it up with some cheese, unidentified meat slices and a bread roll and didn’t even look at the croissants (no sugar for me today I think). The sea mist is still covering the beach at the moment so I think we may take a trip to the souk. I want to get some more tea glasses as we only have two left of the ones I bought the first time I was in Morocco. They’re so pretty and just right for my morning orange juice, pity they’re so fragile. I might look at the brightly coloured silk throw/pashmina things too. I have a few of them at home already, some I’ve made into big cushions for our living room and one is a matching runner for our coffee table. Think I’d better sharpen my bartering skills.


The walk to the souk and back took an hour, plus we wandered around inside for about another hour, so I guess that is my daily exercise taken care of. Away from the sea breeze it is HOT! and I need a long rest and some water. We walked up past the kings palace, which is enormous and surrounded by more armed guards than usual. I wonder if his highness is at home? I joked with Commando that I should have come out here when I was still young and slim and married the king (he’s about the right age for me and very handsome). I could have been queen Fat Girl Slim of Morocco. He said they’d have had to change my name as it’s far too English and suggested Queen Fatima. It does have a certain ring to it.

I managed to haggle my way to some more blue tea glasses, more or less the same as the two of six I still have at home. I’m pleased about that although I’m not so sure the shop keeper is quite as pleased as I got a very good price. I also got a lovely, ornately decorated red pashmina and four little wooden camels for my girls at home. The camel man drove a hard bargain but he couldn’t resist the blue eyes in the end, or my “Ok, I’ll walk away then,” tactic. As it’s Ramadan the souk was quite quiet so we didn’t get too much “Madam, Monsieur, voici, moins cher,” or “Come into my shop, I give you good price,” today. I did get one “Mademoiselle,” though which made me smile. Flattery will get you nowhere, although it does boost the confidence. The best bit is the fruit, vegetables and spices. We must have walked past three or four times just for the smell. I have enough Moroccan spices at home to last me a lifetime but you can’t beat the smell in the souk, especially the herbs. The scent of fresh mint and corriander was amazing.

Due to my pinkness I’m largely staying out of the sun today. Commando is currently snoring gently on the sun bed next to me and I’m under the umbrella hoping my pink bits turn brown shortly and don’t peel. I can hear the call to prayer drifting out from the mosque so I’m guessing it must be close to three o’clock. We’ve had a light lunch and I’ve been to the shop to stock up on big bottles of water. It makes you realise how much you’re drinking when you have to lug it all back from the shops in bottles instead of just turn on a tap. We’re getting through tons (literally) of the stuff. I have a coffee date tomorrow with Hollie and Rose which I’m looking forward to. I’m going to leave Commando at the hotel on his lounger in the sun, seeing as it’s his birthday, and venture out on my own. It’s a nice long walk there and back anyway so that should take care of another day’s exercise although we will be walking down to The Marina in the evening to Le Quay for our dinner. If I put on weight on this holiday it really won’t be for lack of trying.