Agadir – Sun and food overload is not good!

Yesterday lunchtime we accidentally had a huge lunch. We decided to grab a sandwich at the pool bar and it turned out to be a giant affair with chips and a big mound of some kind of coleslaw type salad. I couldn’t eat it all but I had a reasonable try. When it came to our evening meal we decided to share a pizza at Camel Cafe as neither of us really wanted much. The pizza was lovely but then we made the mistake of ordering a desert, our first desert since we arrived. I blame Commando as it was his idea. We chose a desert to share, thinking it wouldn’t be too big that way, although we didn’t really know what it was going to be because it was just called Camel Special Desert. Obviously there wasn’t going to be any actual camel in it, we were pretty confident of that much.

When it came is was humongous. A giant plate filled with stuff. At first we weren’t actually sure what the stuff was as it was drizzled with some kind of chocolate sauce. On closer inspection it turned out to be sliced bananas, sliced apples, bananas wrapped in a kind of crepe and cooked and three little tiny dishes of ice cream (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla). Actually not that bad at all calorie wise. As I told Commando, it’s basically fruit apart from the ice cream. He pointed out that the chocolate sauce wasn’t fruit but I told him chocolate is sort of a fruit. Well, it is. Chocolate is a bean, the bean grows in a fruit, therefore it’s more or less a fruit. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Thinking about it, using the same logic, coffee is also a fruit. Although I only ate half a sliced banana, one half banana wrapped in crepe and all of the apple I could hardly move. Poor Commando had to eat the other three halves of banana wrapped in crepe and the other one and a half sliced bananas. We shared the ice cream, he had the dish of strawberry, I had the chocolate (obviously) and we had half the vanilla each.


 Commando has been for his run and confirmed that the nice pool man has left towels on our sun beds just like he said he would. Yesterday he came over and spoke to us. He recognised us from last May and told us not to worry about getting loungers every day, he would put towels down for us each morning. Obviously we will give him a few Dirhams for his trouble but I don’t think this is the whole reason he offered. Unlike some of the guests, we are always polite, we smile and we say please and thank you, or in this case min fadlik and shukran. I’m pretty sure the horrible Russian woman at breakfast won’t be getting that kind of treatment. You may think I’m being racist or stereotyping but I promise you I’m not. Maybe it’s the way it is in their country but they are extremely rude to the staff and, to a certain extent, the other guests.

At breakfast this morning we were unlucky enough to witness an almost comical case of such rudeness. The couple sitting next to us were Russian, we could tell from their sporadic conversation. The woman sat eating crepes with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. She called over the waiter because she wanted something but then couldn’t make herself understood (obviously learning a few words in another language is not high on her agenda and she believes everyone should speak Russian). Commando thought it might be salt and pepper and helpfully held ours out towards her. She just scowled at him and carried on shouting at the waiter. Eventually, she got up angrily, walked over to the waiters station (about four steps from her table), pointed at a pile of serviettes then went and sat back down. The waiter smiled and brought her over some serviettes, winking at Commando as he did so. Why didn’t she just get them herself, it would have been so much quicker? Enough said! I prefer our way, smile, be polite, engage in conversation and make friends. I’m sure we enjoy our holidays much more that way and we certainly learn more about the culture and the people of the countries we visit.


I went for another walk down to The Marina this morning. This time I explored it a bit more thoroughly and also managed to speak to one of the waiters at Le Quay, the restaurant Hollie recommended yesterday, to check if we needed reservations or not. Apparently not. It looks very nice and I’m quite looking forward to Commando’s birthday on Thursday when we will be eating there. The walk took about an hour so I guess that’s a good few calories burnt off. Pretty good job too because we spent the rest of the day on the sun beds, only moving to have lunch at Mackie D’s on the promenade. This was to satisfy Commando’s wish to eat at a McDonalds in every country we visit. Although we’ve been to Morocco many times we’ve never had a Moroccan McDonalds. I have to report that it was exactly the same as every other Big Mac I’ve ever eaten.

This morning the sea mist took quite a while to clear and Commando was getting a bit annoyed at not getting his fair share of holiday sun. Even so, I have managed to get a tad pink in places so I’ve left him down by the pool while I come up to the room to have a rest from it all. I’m not as good at sunshine as he is, being fair skinned. I had an ice cream from the amazing Glacerie to cool myself down. They have so many different kinds it’s a tough decision on which to have. In the end I went for bounty (sort of bounty bars crushed up into ice cream) and, of course, chocolate. I know it’s bad but I am on holiday after all. I’ll probably regret it when I get on the scales on Monday though.