Agadir – A walk, a swim, a visit and a radioactive seagull

Funny how we all come to depend on twenty four seven wifi access without even realising we have. With no beach wifi and the hotel charging prohibitively high prices, Internet access is something to be rationed to once or twice a day from cafes and restaurants and even then it’s fairly patchy at best. You don’t see the locals walking around with mobile phones glued to their ears or constantly checking their emails. I guess not too many of them even have mobile phones. In actual fact, apart from being able to post my ramblings, it’s almost a relief to be able to get away from texts, emails and being accessible to every man and his dog round the clock. In fact it’s relaxing.

I took advantage of the free wifi last night at Camel Cafe to post about my Moroccan adventure so far and we lingered over a leisurely meal and some drinks. I find I don’t have much appetite in this heat. I had an amazing pepper steak which came with cauliflower, green beans, carrots, chips and, inexplicably, also rice. I managed to eat the steak, about half the vegetables and a few chips but I couldn’t even contemplate the rice. Perhaps if I lived out here I’d be skinny, then again, I’d probably get used to it after a while. Who knows, with the small meals, the walking and taking the stairs instead of the lift, I could even end this holiday lighter than I started. That would be a first. Mind you, I may be getting ahead of myself, it’s early days yet.

Late in the evening, back at our room I sat on the balcony sipping my water and looking out over the pool, the outside bar area and the beach enjoying the balmy evening. There was a family down in the bar area with some youngish children and I watched them for a while until some seagulls flying overhead caught my attention. They stood out in the dark sky with their white wings circling above me. Suddenly, one of the seagulls started flashing neon green. I thought I was going mad and watched it mesmerised until it flew off. Looking around below to see what could have caused this strange phenomenon, I noticed one little boy with a green laser torch, the kind they sell along the promenade, he was flashing it in the pool, then at the palms. Puzzle solved. I wonder what the seagull thought of it though?

I’m sitting on the balcony again now watching the morning runners going past. This morning their numbers have been swelled by my sexy Commando in his Lycra compression shorts (I do make him wear normal shorts over the top because they’re so revealing and that is for my eyes only). He’s just zoomed past twice, looking just like one of the Moroccan men with is George Clooney hair and long tanned limbs. What a lucky girl I am! At least I think it was him, it could actually have been one of the Moroccan men, my eyesight isn’t all that good. There’s someone doing circuits of the pool down there too and lots of people running or walking along the promenade and  it’s only seven thirty. I guess it shows you can go on holiday and still keep fit. Best get my act together and go for a walk after breakfast then.


I ate all the food groups at breakfast this morning. Since I’m finding it difficult to eat in the heat I thought I’d have a really good breakfast, that way, even if I don’t have much for the rest of the day I’ll have had one good meal. I started with melon, really juicy and fresh and just what I needed, fresh orange juice and coffee. That restocked the fluid levels. I then had an omelette, made while I watched by the hotel chef, with cheese (not too much though) onion and fresh peppers. I did pick up three mini sausages, about the size of a cocktail sausage, but they were so greasy I didn’t eat them. I finished off with three little pastries (naughty me) and more coffee and orange juice. Think that will keep me going for the morning. We’re off to put our towels on the sun beds now. If you can’t beat them, join them, I say!


After breakfast I went for a walk right down to The Marina and back. It took just under an hour, but I was walking quite slowly because it was really hot and I had to keep dodging into the shade. Everyone is so friendly, I seemed to be constantly saying “Bon jour,” and “Oui, ca va merci.” I also got stopped by a couple of young French women asking me for the time. I don’t know what it is about me but people often seem to assume I’m French. I guess I should take it as a complement, after all French women are notoriously well groomed and well dressed. Then again, well dressed, me? I’m not sure anyone would really say that about me. I’ve been told I have a quirky style, maybe it’s quirky in a Gallic way who knows?

Just before I reached our hotel, where Commando was relaxing on a sun bed after his run, one Moroccan man was a little friendlier than I’d really have liked. He started with the normal, “Bon jour, ca va,” and when I replied carried on with, “Vous et Francais?” This I ignored, after all it’s hard to believe anyone would continue to think I was French when they’d heard my accent. He then followed me up the promenade calling out, “Madam, arrete, parlez avec moi une moment.” I told him I couldn’t stop, I was exercising and he carried on following me calling out, “You don’t need to exercise, you are beautiful, take me home,” in French of course. Very flattering but I think he may need to go to Specsavers, if they have such a thing out here. I only got rid of him by walking into the hotel.

As I was pretty hot and sweaty after my walk I decided a dip in the pool was just what I needed. Goodness me it felt freezing when I got in. I almost changed my mind. Once I’d actually gone right under the water though it was really refreshing and I swam a complete circuit of the pool. It only took about ten minutes, with a couple of stops to kick my legs and get my breath back (I’m nowhere near as fit as I thought I was obviously) but I guess it’s all exercise.

A sea mist came in in the afternoon so, after lunch, we decided to take a walk up to visit Hollie in her office. We weren’t sure if she would be there or not but we took a chance. As soon as we got away from the beach and the mist, the sun was out so we walked at a leisurely pace, although I was a little concerned about the huge slab of dairy milk in my bag. When we got there she was just off to the bank before it closed so we spent a little time with Rose, who did all the leg work on our holiday last year. Rose was thrilled to see the chocolate (which I’m sure Hollie will share with her) but even more so to see the English magazines we bought. We were discussing a certain female soap star, who happened to be on our flight out and who is married to a Moroccan. Rose, also married to a Moroccan, thinks she’ll regret it. I’d like to think her sentiments are coloured by the fact it’s Ramadan right now and her husband is fasting (which is sure to make him tough to live with) but I think it must be difficult to make a marriage work when two such different cultures come together.

When Hollie came back we had a long chat about life in the UK, life in Agadir and football. Hollie is a life long Newcastle supporter, being a Geordie girl herself and often flys here and there to watch them play. She always follows Southampton too and will often send me an email before or after a particularly important match. Hopefully we’ll see her in Southampton some time next year when Newcastle play Saints. It’s been a while since we were both in the same league. When I told her about my new job, back in the travel industry she was delighted, especially as she does a fair bit of work for the company I’ll be working for. It’s a small world as they say.  She also recommended a restaurant to take Commando to for his birthday. It’s very useful having friends out here.